At Leoneculture one of our aims is to make sales but we also pride ourselves in giving you your money’s worth!

We realized African clothing has become very popular in recent times. Some are discovering it for the first time, while some of us have worn it all our lives. It basically reminds us of home and tells us its part of our culture.

If looked after well, our African print or modern African clothing can last you for many years. Especially because our fabrics are original and of high quality.

To help ensure the longevity and to prevent shrinkage of your clothes, we recommend that you follow these simple care instructions.

 *Washing your African Print Clothing 


-The most efficient method is to place them in a washing machine (or hand wash) cold with similar colors.

-We recommend 30°C or a cold wash setting if using a machine to avoid the spin cycle.

-Be sure to use a mild liquid detergent or washing powder.

Note:- that regular wash cycles can contribute to fading colors even if you are careful, always wash your garment cold.

-But the chloride in salt keeps your clothes bright and vibrant sealing the colors even across repeated wash hence treat your African dresses and other African print to a spoon of salt during every wash cycle.

 *Drying and Ironing your African dresses and garments properly... 

-Just as spin cycles are no-go, you should never tumble dry your African clothes either. It will compromise the richness of colors.

-The best way to dry African garments is by hanging them or laying them out to dry.

-Be sure to avoid direct sunlight when sun-drying your African dresses, especially if they will be laying out for a long period as this could bleach the fabric.

-Iron your print garments on the inside to preserve the colors, Iron using the cotton setting. A higher setting can damage your clothes. 

We hope you have found this information helpful. If you have any more questions about caring for your African dresses, print fabric or garments please do contact us via our email


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