From Ancient Symbolism to Modern Fashion: A Brief History of African Ankle Bracelets

Let's not forget the fact that anklets have been around since the beginning of history. In Africa, ankle bracelets which are commonly known as African beaded anklets or ankle chains have been worn by many generations of both women and young girls throughout African history. African beaded anklets carry cultural significance. Mostly women and girls would wear ankle bracelets made of string beads to show love for their culture and to portray their identity as African royalties, in some ways it attracts the opposite sex and also signify status.

It's believed that In ancient Egypt, women of all social classes wore them as feminine ornaments. Their anklets were made of different metals, and in multiple shapes, with more expensive metals like gold which is common among the rich, while less expensive ones like sliver are more common among the poor. 


In the early 1930s to the late 20th-century ankle bracelets became a popular trend in America, allowing women to wear ankle chains with unique personalization such as their initial and special characters.

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*How To Order The Right Size*
To order your size, measure your ankle circumference with a measuring tape to ensure you are buying the right size. Use the image below as a guide.


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